Tony Romo Insists That His Eerily Accurate Football Predictions Are Just 'Luck'

The former Dallas Cowboy turned CBS commentator (who’s now teaming up with Tostitos) reveals his secrets to announcing and clarifies his Super Bowl prediction

Tony romo
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Tony Romo swears he's not a fortune teller.

The former football player insists he hasn't traded in his football for a crystal ball after a series of eerily accurate NFL forecasts. He tells PEOPLE he never simply just analyzes plays, he predicts them – ever since his 2017 debut in the commentators' booth.

In fact, back in 2019, the Wall Street Journal found that Romo was right about his game predictions 68 percent of the time.

Romo, who is chatting with PEOPLE about his Tostitos partnership, says, "I think it's just luck. It's not anything special. Obviously, having played football for a while helps. I love to think and learn about the game."

He adds, "I try and do the best I can, which is okay sometimes, I guess."

Romo's also got a 2022 Super Bowl prediction, which he revealed during a New England telecast on Oct. 24. The former athlete said that the Cowboys "built a team that can win the whole thing. And it's for real. Watch out!''

"I never said they are the winner at all. I said they have a chance to go all the way," he clarifies now. "I'll tell you this. This is the deepest I've seen the NFC in a while. There are five or six teams who could be the number one seed in any given year. And the NFC is deep. I don't think there is a consensus favorite right now, but I think that it's just a very deep league, which is a good thing for the NFL."

Tony romo
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Following his successful run as quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, Romo's broadcasting career began when he was hired by CBS Sports to serve as the lead color analyst for the network's NFL telecasts, replacing Phil Simms.

As a quarterback who often had to get "in the zone," Romo says he has a series of pregame rituals that he performs before every broadcast.

"For the first three or four years, I think I used to sing quite a bit. Because I had a terrible voice, I needed to warm it up just to get it much deeper to sound really cool," he explains. "I'd sing some U2, Bruce Springsteen, JAY-Z, I'm all over. It didn't matter. It's like everything. That was probably my ritual for a long time."

Although Romo confirms that a singing career is "absolutely not" in his future, he jokes about performing at the next Super Bowl halftime show. "They're talking between me and the Weeknd again for next year at the Super Bowl. We'll see who's going to get it," he laughs. "I'm joking. I'm joking."

More and more retired players like Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, and Greg Olson have stepped off the field and into the booth like Romo. Some, he says, have even asked him for advice on what it takes to have success in their new roles.

Tony romo

"I've had plenty of people reach out … from Greg to a bunch of other people," says Romo. "You have to be yourself. It's not really rocket science. You have to be able to communicate, think, and have a passion for the game."

The former Cowboys player is now teaming up with Tostitos, the official chip and dip of the NFL, to offer one lucky fan the chance to have a fun, exclusive game day experience with the football legend.

The winner of the contest, titled "Romo in Your Ear," will receive football expertise from the professional athlete himself through an earpiece in real-time to impress their family and friends. The contest welcomes fans of all levels to enter, whether a fanatic or simply someone who can use some schooling on the sport.

Romo explains, "Being able to help fans out to learn a little bit about the game to make it more enjoyable ... that's what this is all about!"

The athlete will literally be in the winner's ear, as Tostitos and Romo have crafted a first-of-its-kind earpiece in the shape of Romo's face.

Tony romo
courtesy tostitos

From the gridiron to the booth, the football expert doesn't get many Sundays to himself — but when he does, he's all about the family.

"Football's been a part of our family for a long time. I love the sport and I love the game. Our boys all play it and my wife is a big football fan, so we all get together," he says. "It's weird how it's almost like a Sunday church."

For more information on how you can have the chance to win the "Romo in Your Ear" contest, visit Nominations are open now through November 28 for consumers everywhere.

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