Tony Hawk Gets Told That He Looks 'Like Tony Hawk' in Another Hilarious Fan Encounter

Tony Hawk took to Twitter on Friday to document the meeting at Grounded Coffeehouse in Lincolnton, North Carolina

Tony Hawk
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Tony Hawk looks a lot like Tony Hawk, according to employees at a local coffee shop in Lincolnton, North Carolina.

The legendary skateboarder, 53, stopped by Grounded Coffeehouse on Friday to grab a cup of joe when one of the girls behind the counter looked at him and said, "Has anyone told you that you look like Tony Hawk?," per his tweet about the encounter.

Hawk then replied, "Yes, so much that I sometimes write about it," and grabbed his coffee order. On his way out, another girl leaned toward the X Games athlete and told him, "You really do look like him," according to Hawk.

tony hawk

"He was nice, and I love that he chose my place," the owner of the coffee shop told PEOPLE in a statement. "I hate I missed a photo or autograph opportunity from someone I idolized as a child, but it happens. I doubted myself and in a packed house, no one else batted an eye so I didn't want to confidently say, 'You're Tony Hawk.' "

"But I'm stoked that he chose us and stoked that he liked his Americano," she added.

The Grounded Instagram account also shared a picture of his receipt on Friday, captioning the post, "Y'all know I'm fan girling over here!"

tony hawk
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This isn't the first time Hawk has been told that he looks like himself; in fact, the skate pro has a history of documenting encounters with people who tell him the same thing. In 2017, he took to Twitter to post about a TSA agent checking his ID and telling him, "Hawk! Like that skateboarder Tony Hawk," adding, "I wonder what he's up to these days."

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In 2019, Hawk told PEOPLE that he's used to having people almost recognize him. "It happens quite a bit, and honestly I've stopped sharing every encounter because a lot of them are redundant, but it's mostly because that's where they check your ID," he said.

Explained Hawk: "So my ID says Anthony, that's my real name, no one's ever called me Anthony through my life, but there sets the first bar of confusion, and then they see me and they're used to seeing me at a younger age, because maybe they only know me from video game days, 20 years ago."

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