Tom Hanks, a Former Oakland Coliseum Vendor, to Help 'Sell' Hot Dogs at A's Games

Before he was an A-lister, the actor was making his money by selling peanuts at Oakland A's home games

Tom Hanks, Oakland Coliseum
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Things have come full circle for Tom Hanks.

The 64-year-old Oscar-winning actor once served as a peanut vendor during Oakland A's games as a teenager, and this season he'll be heading back to where it all began, according to NBC Sports.

In a humorous video using an edited version of Hanks' high school picture, the team announced the Toy Story actor's voice would be mixed in with crowd noise during their games at Oakland Coliseum.

The virtual addition of Hanks will add some much-needed atmosphere to games, which will be hosted without fans in attendance due to coronavirus. Like the rest of the MLB, the A's have turned to cardboard cutouts of fans in seats and recordings of crowd noise to make the stadium feel less empty during games.

During Oakland's Opening Night on Friday, recordings of Hanks calling out, "It's not a ballgame without a hot dog!" and "Hot dogs here! Colossal hot dogs!" could be heard from loudspeakers in the stadium.

Some fans even spotted a cutout of Hanks, dressed in a red-and-white striped vest and white hat, positioned behind home plate as the A's took on Los Angeles Angels, which they won 7-3.


Hanks once opened up about his time as a vendor in Oakland during a 2019 interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

"I went down to sell peanuts and soda, and thinking it would be like in a TV show where you saw the young kid trying to make a thing," Hanks said, according to the SFGate.

"Well, first of all, I got robbed twice," he continued. "Note to self: Hide those wads of cash. Don't be walking with a wad of cash in your pocket. "

Hanks also had a tough time dealing with the vendors who were older than him.

“I came across professional vendors, who did not like the fact kids were there,” he recalled. “I’m 14 years old and a guy, probably in his late-50s, is yelling [at me], ‘Hey, kid, that was my sale!’”

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Hanks. of course, opted not to become a professional vendor and instead went on to star in a collection of acclaimed movies, including Forrest Gump and Saving Private Ryan.

While Hanks' involvement with the A's brings some welcomed humor to the start of the season, much of that could be in jeopardy. The league postponed the Miami Marlins' season this week after at least 15 players and two staff members were diagnosed with coronavirus. This could have repercussions for the rest of the league if more teams have similar experiences.

The shortened 60-game MLB season opened last Thursday night with the New York Yankees visiting the Washington Nationals, and the Los Angeles Dodgers taking on the San Francisco Giants.

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