Brian Williams was also there, but could not be reached for comment about the reunion

Credit: Courtesy The New York Rangers

That Saved by the Bell reunion was nice, but Mario Lopez was never stranded on an island with Mark-Paul Gosselaar ( … yet).

Tom Hanks took in a New York Rangers Game Wednesday with Brian Williams, but Williams’s presence paled to one very important surprise guest from Hanks’s past: Wilson the volleyball from Cast Away.

The pair’s heartwarming reunion even made it onto the big screen during the game!

Hanks, 58, and Wilson famously bonded during Cast Away‘s grueling shoot, but reportedly lost touch while Hanks was shooting 2002’s Road to Perdition and Catch Me If You Can. The volleyball drifted into trouble with the law and drug addiction, but has since turned his life around and has now found steady employment at an Oakland YMCA.