Rob Gronkowski Weighs in on Tom Brady's Future, Makes Shocking Super Bowl Prediction

"He'll go out there and he definitely deserves to see what's out there and he can make a decision for himself and do what's best for himself and his family," the former New England Patriot says

One year ago, former New England Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski was playing in the Super Bowl. This year, he’s happy to be on the sidelines.

Gronkowski chatted with PEOPLE ahead of his big event in Miami while the athlete was partnering with Uber Eats. The 30-year-old shared his thoughts on good friend and ex-teammate Tom Brady‘s future before the latter becomes a free agent next month.

Gronkowski, who played his whole career as a New England Patriot, had some interesting advice for his MVP buddy. “I think he deserves a chance to go out there and see what’s out on the market. He’s a free agent, and that’s what the free agency is for — so that players have a chance, whenever they become a free agent, that they can go out there and see what’s out there,” Gronkowski told PEOPLE.

“That’s super fair and that’s why it was created like that, and the system works well. So, he’ll go out there and he definitely deserves to see what’s out there and he can make a decision for himself and do what’s best for himself and his family.”

When asked if he’d prefer Brady to just retire and come party with him, Gronkowski said, “Well, he can come to this party Saturday [Gronk Beach] and still play next season. Easily. Easily! The best of both.”

Rob Gronkowski

On Thursday, Brady sent fans into a tizzy by sharing a cryptic photo on social media.

The 42-year-old quarterback posted a black-and-white shot of himself in a tunnel of a football stadium — he’s hidden in the shadows, with only his silhouette visible, and the longtime NFL player didn’t add any comment along with the picture shared on both Twitter and Instagram.

The tweet only fueled speculation about whether he will decide to continue to play for the Patriots or sign with another team — or retire from the sport altogether (he’s said himself the latter is “pretty unlikely”).

Gronkowski, on the other hand, seems all about that party life now that he’s not playing the game himself.

He said of the weekend in Miami, “It feels good to be on the other side of it. It’s definitely a different atmosphere and a different ball game…having your own party, just running around having a good time and just going out. Losing your mind for a little bit. Dancing, coming in with positive vibes. Just having a positive party and party on the positive side.”

The former tight end is having so much fun, in fact, that he says he would’ve declined an invite to play – even if it came from Brady himself.

“It would’ve been hard, I would’ve said ‘Thank you, I appreciate that, it means a lot, but it was just very satisfying where I was at and the decision I made.’ For sure,” he said.

And speaking of the Super Bowl, Gronkowski — who will be analyzing the big game for Fox Sports — had an interesting prediction about the score.

“Zero-zero,” he said, deadpan. Then, the boisterous player added in his signature sarcasm, “No one has any good weapons. No quarterbacks, no receivers, no running backs. So, zero-zero. It feels right.”

When pushed for a winner, he conceded, “Maybe someone will win on a safety. A punt safety, over the punters head into the end zone. Two nothing. After overtime. From a punt fumble that goes into the end zone for a safety. Double overtime. That seems about right.”

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