Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson lost to Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning in a golf match on Sunday

Tom Brady, Peyton Manning
Credit: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Tom Brady might not have walked away with a "W" during his golf match against Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning, but at least he received a reminder of why he won't be switching sports any time soon.

The future Hall of Famer hit the golf course on Sunday to participate in The Match: Champions for Charity, a Florida golf event meant to raise funds for coronavirus relief. Brady, along with his teammate, Phil Mickelson, teed off against Woods and Manning and lost the match by just one hole.

But the event was full of memorable moments, especially for Brady — he split his pants on live television and made an impressive shot from the seventh hole after Charles Barkley wagered a bet against him.

In a post to Instagram on Wednesday morning, Brady reflected on his takeaways from the event, which included a few jokes toward himself and his competitors.

"Amazing what happens when groups of people come together for the common good," Brady wrote in the post, which included a picture of himself from the match. "[Also], Peyton is still as clutch as ever."

Brady alluded to his wardrobe malfunction and joked that he "shouldn’t wear the same pants to golf " that he wears to church.

Despite he and Mickelson losing the match, the four superstars managed to raise $20 million for coronavirus relief and put on a show for fans who have been clamoring for anything new since the NHL, MLB and NBA seasons were placed on hiatus in March.

"As great as Phil Mickelson is as a golfer, he is a better man, coach and teammate and potentially has the best calves on the PGA Tour," Brady said of his partner.

"Tiger Woods was a great host and champion, and I was especially thankful he missed that putt on the 7th hole," he added of the other golfing legend who shared the green with them that day. "Had he made it, I would have just went home."

The event was filled with memorable trash talk between the four players, and Brady took a final parting shot at his teammate and opponents.

"It was nice to be the young guy again," the 42-year-old joked. (Woods and Manning are both 44 and Michelson is 49.)

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While Brady said he enjoyed the event, he assured Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans he won't be leaving the NFL to chase a shot at the PGA.

"I really enjoy halftime of football games we get checked for concussions, in golf, you get refreshments," Brady said. "[But] I’m sticking to my day job."