Tom Brady on His 'Tough Decision' to Leave Patriots, and How His Family's Adjusting to Florida

Tom Brady's life has been filled with adjustments since the quarterback signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady and his family have a new home — but moving to Florida has been a bit of adjustment.

In the latest episode of Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast, the new Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, 43, opened up about how his wife Gisele Bündchen and their children are adjusting to life at their luxurious Tampa Bay mansion, which he’s renting from pal Derek Jeter.

“We came to Florida for the last five months and my daughter’s like, ‘Daddy, what are we gonna do for Christmas? What are we gonna do for Halloween? Is there Halloween in Tampa?' " he said of daughter Vivian Lake, 7.

Brady and Bündchen are also parents to 10-year-old son Benjamin and the quarterback shares son John “Jack” Edward, 12, with ex Bridget Moynahan.

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Tom Brady and family. Tom Brady/Instagram

Another aspect of life in Florida that his daughter still hasn’t quite come around to? The warm weather.

“Every time we eat, we eat outside and it’s like 85 degrees, [and] she won’t eat outside with us. She goes inside the house,” he explained. “She’s like, ‘Daddy, I do not like it this hot all the time.’ ”

“But for me, yeah, I like it hot every day now. I’m never going back to cold weather. I did 25 years of it,” he remarked.

Of course, signing with the Buccaneers after spending over two decades with the Patriots has also been an adjustment for Brady.

It was tough. It was a tough decision to make when you’ve been two decades in one place,” he explained. “It’s a lot of emotions, a lot of memories.”

“For one reason or another, it didn’t work that I was going to continue there, but it doesn’t take away from what I had. And what I had actually made me more prepared for what I’m experiencing now,” he added.

Later on in the episode, Brady went on to describe his time with the team as “perfect.”

“It was incredible,” he said. “It was perfect. I wouldn’t change it. Not every day was perfect, but it was everything that it was supposed to be.”

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Although Brady has continued to push off retirement plans, he’s already thinking about how to prepare for a life outside of the NFL.

“I think I definitely will need some help when I’m done playing to find some space to occupy the adrenaline, the ups, the downs, the highs, the lows of this,” he said. “I’m a big believer in psychology and getting help.”

“I’ve already thought, okay when it does happen, I’m filling a huge void and I don’t know where that huge void is gonna go,” he said. “It’ll be like a really tough breakup.”

Brady will play his first game as a Buccaneer on Sunday, when the team faces off against the New Orleans Saints in their first game of the season.

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