Tom Daley Shows Off the Athletes' Rooms at Tokyo Olympics: 'We Can Fit Everyone in That Shower'

"Ever wanted to see inside the Olympic Village? Well I'm about to show you," British diver Tom Daley said in a new video

The beds may be made of cardboard but they're plenty sturdy — and the showers are plenty big, too — according to a tour of the athletes' rooms in the Tokyo Olympic Village that diver Tom Daley shared on social media this week.

"As you can see, they've kitted it out to the max," Daley, 27, told TikTok viewers in his video as he showed off the flags and banners for Team Great Britain. (There's a tradition of countries decorating their respective corners of the Village.)

"Ever wanted to see inside the Olympic Village? Well, I'm about to show you," Daley said before giving sneak peeks at his roommate — fellow diver Matty Lee — and their beds and their common area, complete with refrigerator, TV, and a kettle for tea and coffee.

And in the bathroom? A "big ol' shower," Daley said.

"And yes, we've tried we can fit everyone in that shower at the same time," he added.

Among other highlights in the village, he said, were self-driving buses, a post office and a massive dining hall where "they have pretty much every food you can imagine, 'cause they have to cater to everyone's dietary needs."

A recent media tour of the Tokyo Olympic Village offered a look at that cafeteria as well as the bedrooms (two beds each) and crisscrossing wood beam flourishes of the decor.

The complex reportedly includes some 3,600 rooms for 11,000 athletes, all of whom are subject to strict COVID-19 countermeasures — even as some of the biggest names on Team USA (like Simone Biles) have opted to stay elsewhere, for fear of an infection that might bar them from competition.

Past Olympic medalists told PEOPLE that the village at each Games provides a range of home-away-from-home amenities as well as the more spontaneous pleasures that come when numerous international athletes all share the same space.

Tom Daley
Tom Daley. Karl Bridgeman/Getty Images for British Olympic Association

"It's always funny because the village is such a mix of people," track and field star Allyson Felix said in 2018.

"It's like a giant college campus — except that everyone is getting ready for the biggest event of their life so they're incredibly stressed," swimmer Natalie Coughlin said at the time.

"You get to meet people from all over the world that typically you wouldn't even come into contact with," Felix said. "To me, that's one of the coolest things … Being with people from other countries, all having to be together, is a really special experience."

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