Simone Biles Nails Yurchenko Double Pike Vault at Podium Training in Tokyo

Simone Biles could have the difficult move named after her at the Tokyo Summer Olympics

Simone Biles
Simone Biles. Photo: Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

Simone Biles is ready to make history at the Summer Olympics — again!

The decorated gymnast, 24, completed podium training in Tokyo Thursday before the Summer Games begin, performing the impressive Yurchenko Double Pike on vault during the practice session. ESPN called the move "the greatest Yurchenko double pike we've seen so far from her."

Named after Natalia Yurchenko, a Russian gymnast who performed the stunt in the 1980s, the vault usually stops at a single flip. Biles, however, takes it further, adding an extra flip – and level of difficulty.

On Thursday, she made it look easy, sticking the stunt with grace, as seen in a clip circulated on social media by NBC.

Before Biles' debut of the Yurchenko Double Pike at the U.S. Classic in May, no female gymnast had ever performed it in competition, NBC reports. If the four-time Olympic gold medalist successfully lands the skill during the Summer Games, it will be named after her, and would be her fifth eponymous skill. The elite athlete already has two skills named after her on floor, one skill on beam, and one skill on vault.

Last month, Biles told PEOPLE about deciding to start performing the challenging Yurchenko Double Pike in competition, saying that having an extra year to work on the vault amid the pandemic gave her the courage to try.

Simone Biles at Tokyo Olympics
Athletes Reveal Their Pre-Competition Rituals Ahead of the Tokyo Olympics. Getty Images

"Before it was just kind of working on that vault for my block, for my other vaults," she said. "And then we got a little bit more serious. I was like, 'Okay, I think I can compete this.' And then that's where it landed us to last week and me competing it in competition."

She added that while she still gets nervous, she "felt a hundred percent confident in myself that I could do it safely and land it."

"[I knew] it was going to be fine because in training I had done it so many times," Biles told PEOPLE. "I do it every other day. And for the last couple of months, shoot, I would say like four months we've done on competition surface. So I felt pretty confident."

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Before the Games begin, Biles is being celebrated on social media for her legacy so far. On Wednesday, Twitter announced that the platform is launching a new GOAT ("greatest of all time") emoji specifically for the Olympian. The tiny illustrated goat wears a red leotard with a gold medal around its neck.

Biles is the first Olympian to receive a custom emoji from Twitter. It will populate automatically when Twitter users post messages with the hashtags "#SimoneBiles" or "#Simone" throughout the Olympic Games, beginning Friday and continuing through August 8.

In Tokyo, she is joined by her fellow Team USA gymnastics squad: Sunisa Lee, Jordan Chiles, and Grace McCallum, along with Jade Carey and MyKayla Skinner, who will compete as individuals.

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