Russian Gymnasts Collapse in Tears at Last-Minute Gold Medal Win in Men's Team Final

Athletes from Russia won gold in the men's gymnastics team final, narrowly beating out Japan and China

Denis Abliazin, Russia's David Belyavskiy, Russia's Artur Dalaloyan and Russia's Nikita Nagornyy
Photo: LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP via Getty Images

Emotions were running high at the men's team gymnastics final.

Russian gymnasts collapsed in tears at the Summer Tokyo Olympics on Monday after narrowly beating out Japan and China to win gold following their last rotation on the floor, which included a spectacular performance from Nikita Nagornyy.

In the end, the team — competing as the Russian Olympic Committee due to a previous doping scandal — ended with a total of 262.500 points. Japan came in close second with 262.397 and China got bronze with 261.894. The win also marked the first time Russian athletes have won the men's team final since 1996.

"Do you remember the news about the typhoon this morning? Well, the typhoon has happened," Nagornyy jokingly told reporters afterwards.

Gold medalits Russia's Denis Abliazin , Russia's David Belyavskiy, Russia's Artur Dalaloyan and Russia's Nikita Nagornyy
MARTIN BUREAU/AFP via Getty Images

Added Japan's Daiki Hashimoto,"I knew that if Nikita Nagornyy did his routine [well], they would pass us."

Team USA, which finished behind Japan, China and Russia in qualifying, ended the night in fifth place, marking their third-straight Olympics of failing to medal in the event. Meanwhile, Great Britain came in fourth.

Russian gymnast Artur Dalaloyan was also praised by his teammates for competing while recovering from recent surgery on his Achilles heel.

"He is a hero," Nagornyy said, per Reuters.

"We trusted him," added teammate David Belyavsky. "He showed in qualifications and in the final that he didn't come here for nothing."

As for his own feelings about their close victory, Dalaloyan said, "I feel absolutely amazing."

"The emotions from this result by our team probably transcends all the pain that I could have felt," he added.

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