MyKayla Skinner Hits Universal Studios with Husband After Arriving Home from Tokyo Olympics

“I also want to enjoy life for a little bit and vacation, just enjoy it for once,” MyKayla MyKayla told PEOPLE before heading back home

Mykayla Skinner
Mykayla Skinner. Photo: Mykayla Skinner/instagram

MyKayla Skinner is finally getting her well-deserved vacation!

The 24-year-old gymnast — who vaulted her way to a silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics — is visiting Universal Studios Florida with her husband, Jonas Harmer.

On Friday, the pair shared several photos and videos to their respective social media pages as they roamed the theme park, starting with the popular "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" attraction.

Harmer also scooped up his wife while they posed near the Jurassic Park River Adventure ride.

Skinner had only just arrived back hone in Arizona on Thursday from Tokyo, but choose to jet off on her getaway with her husband rather than join team USA's gymnasts on their press tour.

"The rest of the team is doing media in New York but MyKayla chose to come straight home to go on vacation with me," Harmer wrote, in a post on Instagram.

"For now I am excited to finally enjoy some alone time with my wife…" he said in another. "Gymnastics has had its fair share for long enough now 😊 I love you MyKayla!"

Mykayla Skinner
Mykayla Skinner. Mykayla Skinner/instagram

Ahead of her return back home, Skinner expressed to PEOPLE how much a vacation means to her.

"I'm not officially retired yet, but this was my last competition ever," Skinner said. "It was cool that I got to end it at the Olympic Games, right? That's pretty exciting. I'll be doing Simone's tour and then after that, I'm pretty much done."

She then told PEOPLE she's "so excited for the next chapter of my life," including finishing her last year of school at the University of Utah, moving into her new home and possibly starting a family with Harmer.

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"I am doing communications in journalism to do sports broadcasting. I'd love to go into that kind of stuff," the athlete said, "but I also want to enjoy life for a little bit and vacation, just enjoy it for once."

"I feel like I haven't really gotten to do that. I feel like anytime I have a vacation, I'm stressed, or 'I got to go back in the gym,' like I'm going to miss so much time that I need to be working on improving," Skinner said. "For me, I'm just really excited to have a life."

Mykayla Skinner
Mykayla Skinner/instagram

Though she wanted to get away, Skinner couldn't escape gymnastics for very long.

During her trip, she bumped into a giant photo of fellow Team USA gymnast Simone Biles, the athlete's pic appearing on a banner at Universal Studios.

"Hey @simonebiles," Harmer captioned a photo of his wife pointing at Biles, 24.

Skinner owes a lot to Biles. After initially failing to qualify for any of the event finals in Tokyo, Skinner won her silver medal when she replaced Biles in the women's individual vault event.

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Following her victory, Harner wrote a loving message to his wife on Instagram.

"The world has no idea all that this girl has been through," he said. "I have been so blessed to watch and be taught by her this whole time. The medal wasn't won tonight, but was won every morning when she got up and went to practice even though all parts of her body hurt. It was won every moment she didn't give up despite injuries, illness, postponement, and every setback in the books."

"Words can't describe how much she inspires and motivates me and how proud I am of her," he continued.

Skinner told her husband in the comments section, "Couldn't have won this medal without you. Can't wait to come home and see you. I just wanna give you the biggest hug. You have put your life on hold for me and have done everything to support me. I'm one lucky girl😘 love u babe!"

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