Leslie Jones Is Back at It, Cheering on Team USA from Home with the Best Instagrams

The Olympics' biggest fan couldn't travel to Tokyo — but that hasn't stopped her from giving the athletes her all via Twitter and Instagram. WARNING: Explicit language is used in the following videos

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Jones kicked off her famous Olympics commentary with a take on the men's triathlon, saying what many of us might be thinking when we watch: "I wouldn't have even made it that far."

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Her take on this biking event will have you cracking up, too. "That's too many ... bikes," she joked, adding, "Is this necessary?!"

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Like all of us, Jones was "so proud" of Suni Lee's gold medal win in the women's gymnastics all-around.

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In another real moment, Jones questioned why reporters are always focusing on the ages of female athletes when NBC pointed out MyKayla Skinner is the oldest member of the U.S. women's gymnastics team.

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Like much of America, Jones was ready for "Ledecky time" as swimming kicked off. "That's my girl!" she cheered.

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Captioning a video of Simone Biles doing her floor routine in prelims, Jones wrote, "I want to name a flip after me! But only flip I do is with a finger!"

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And more on Biles: "SHE DID THAT WITH NO HANDS!"

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Jones' imaginary commentary on Michael Phelps' return to the Olympics (which she later pitches as a movie — any takers to star?) was laugh-out-loud hilarious.

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Jones was one of the many celebs who came to the defense of Simone Biles after she withdrew from the women's team final gymnastics competition, reminding followers she's been through the "hell" of sexual abuse on top of winning numerous honors and still making it to Tokyo. "Don't talk about toughness," she warned.

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"Go out there and just swim, boo," Jones said as Katie Ledecky hit the pool deck.

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When Jones called out a positive change in gymnastics announcing, commentator Nastia Liukin took notice in the comments.

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Jones was "so happy" to find out Lilly King was returning to the pool, too.

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"Yes I can lift donuts lol!!" Jones joked while watching women's weightlifting.

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The comedian was almost speechless when she laid eyes on Caeleb Dressel. "He is a 10!"

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Seriously, it's pretty great ("How is he not Aquaman?!")

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She had a brief obsession with overly effusive Australian swimming coach Dean Boxall, too, cause "that's me," she admitted.

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Watching women's track, Jones said the obvious for all of us: "All of them are gonna beat me."

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Before going to bed one night, Jones "had to" show us the man she deemed "Clark Kent."

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In watching women's track, Jones revealed she actually ran track in high school, but was told "to go high jump" by girls as serious as these Olympic runners.

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