Watch Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg Hilariously Recap Olympic Equestrian Event: 'That's Gangsta'

Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg have teamed up with NBC's streaming service Peacock to recap the Tokyo Olympics in a new commentary series

Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg may be new to the Olympics, but they're loving what they're seeing.

The pair, who teamed up with NBC's streaming service Peacock to recap the Tokyo Olympics in a new commentary series, recently put their newfound knowledge to the test by trying to see if they could correctly identify some lesser known Olympic events based on just a clip.

For their first video, the 41-year-old actor and the "Drop It Like It's Hot" rapper, 49, were shown a clip from Tom Daley and Matty Lee's gold-winning dive in the men's 10m platform.

"Okay two sets of Speedos," remarks Snoop, as Hart incorrectly guesses it's a "twerking" event.

After all was revealed, Snoop explained that he "knew it was synchronized diving just because they had the same drawers on."

Kevin Hart, Snoop Dogg
Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg. Peacock

The pair had an even better time guessing the next clip — a video from the dressage individual grand prix freestyle, an event where horses get to show off their best moves to music.

"This is equestrian," Snoop said right away, before being blown away by the animal's dancing.

"The horse crip walking, cuz. That's gangsta" he exclaimed. "This horse is off the chain. I gotta get this m----------- in a video."

In fact, they were so impressed by what they saw that they decided it's about time that horses get to wear medals.

"Do horses get medals when they win too?" asked Snoop.

"No it goes to the person on a horse, which should be changed" Hart forcefully replied, which didn't seem right to the musician, who added of the rider, "He ain't did nothing but just sat on the m----------."

"I demand for a horse to get the respect that they deserve and have the same bragging rights as the jockey," Hart quipped. "You don't think a horse wanna brag? A horse wanna brag too."

To learn more about Team USA, visit Watch the Tokyo Olympics now on NBC.

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