Athletes Show Off Fave Food from the Dining Hall, Messy Rooms and More of the Olympic Village on TikTok (WATCH)

Olympic athletes are giving us a behind-the-scenes look at life inside the Olympic Village, from testing out their cardboard beds to offering tours of the dining hall, ‘fit checks and more on TikTok

Best TikToks Inside Olympic Village
Photo: Kelsey Marie Robinson/TikTok

Ever wonder what life is really like inside the Olympic Village? Luckily, there's no training involved to find out: Olympic athletes from around the world are eager to show you.

"OlympicTok" — the niche content springing up around the Tokyo Olympics on TikTok — offers a glimpse into days in the lives of the athletes competing in the Summer Games. With no spectators allowed at this year's unprecedented Olympics, which kicked off with the July 23 opening ceremony after being postponed one year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the behind-the-scenes tours are bringing fans closer to the action while respecting the protocols in place to minimize any potential exposure to COVID-19.

From sushi tastings in the dining hall to testing out the cardboard beds that have gone viral, these athletes are bringing their A games when it comes to content *and* competition.

Canadian Olympic runner Sage Watson can now add Tokyo Olympics tour guide to her résumé! Watson gave fans an inside look at her room as well as various parts of the Olympic Village, including a sneak peek of the dining hall (the miso soup is her favorite) and the Olympic rings, which she shared are "always busy with people taking pictures."

The Australian diver Sam Fricker has been keeping curious fans in the loop when it comes to just how sturdy the cardboard beds are, giving frequent updates on their deterioration. He also showed off how the village looks when lit up at night, saying it's "so amazing to be here with the awesome lights."

Sure, watching the USA Men's Volleyball team actually play volleyball is cool, but have you ever watched them shimmy? Thanks to Erik Shoji, now you can. Anyone else on board to petition making this an official sport for the next Games?

American freestyle swimmer Drew Kibler got creative with his 'fit check, showing off how he layers his Olympic gear.

American gymnast Yul Moldauer got in on the action too, trying out his Team USA swag.

USA Rugby Team player Ilona Maher has gone viral for her creative and playful TikToks cataloging her team's experience in Tokyo. In this hilarious clip, she pairs videos of teammate Nana Faavesi braiding teammates' hair with a sound bite of Cardi B saying, "I don't even have time for my love life, I don't even have time to see my family."

Several athletes have also given inside looks at the expansive dining hall, which offers global cuisine and caters to all sorts of dietary needs. Kelsey Marie Robinson, a Team USA Volleyball player, showed herself eating with her teammates (separated at the table by plastic dividing walls) as she dined on steak, salmon, salad, peaches with melon, fried calamari, a seaweed rice ball, vegetable tempura and a chocolate mousse for dessert. Her review? "10/10."

British Diver Tom Daley, however, gave us perhaps one of the most crucial insights into the Olympic Village: he and the teammates he's rooming with can all fit inside their shower together. "Yes, we've tried we can fit everyone in that shower at the same time," he revealed during a video tour. (Um, we need DETAILS, Tom!)

With thousands of athletes from around the world joined together in Tokyo, it's natural to wonder if they're able to socialize amid the social distancing protocols in place. Cody Melphy, a player on the USA Rugby Team, revealed that there is an "entertainment center" where athletes can play arcade games, table tennis and even tune into the Games themselves.

The Hurley sisters — Courtney and Kelley, who both fence for Team USA — hilariously showed off their different living styles in a "polar opposites check," panning the camera to each side of their shared room to reveal Kelley's pristinely tidy corner and Courtney's more, er, cluttered area.

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