Team USA's Jagger Eaton Wins First Skateboarding Bronze Medal in Olympic History

Jagger Eaton was victorious in the men's street competition

It's official: The world has its first Olympic medalists in skateboarding — and one of them is American!

Team USA's Jagger Eaton, 20, won bronze in the men's street competition on Sunday in Tokyo. He came behind Japan's Yuto Horigome, who took gold, and Kelvin Hoefler of Brazil, who won silver.

Eaton's score in the final round was 35.35, while Hoefler has 36.15 and Horigome scored a 37.18.

Team USA's Nyjah Huston placed seventh in the final, while teammate Jake Ilardi finished the competition in 11th.

Street skateboarding is held on a course with stairs, rails, curbs and walls. A five-person judges panel score each run or trick based on a variety of factors, including speed, difficulty and originality. The athlete's highest and lowest scores for each of their two timed runs and their tricks are dropped and then the other three are averaged.

Back in 2012, Eaton became the youngest athlete to ever participate at X Games when he competed in Los Angeles at only age 11.

Jagger Eaton
Jagger Eaton. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Ahead of the Games, Mariah Duran told PEOPLE that many members of Team USA skateboarding have already been friends for years.

"We were all really close before this and to be on a team is just really cool because now we get to travel and experience a moment like this together," she said.

Duran added, "I feel like we just have a really cool support system ... And now, being labeled as a team and having uniforms and stuff, is pretty cool. Maybe it'll bring a whole different energy for when we arrive, so I'm really excited for that. ... [But] at the end of the day, we're really close."

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