Kindli, a new "social unity" app that focuses on positivity and being kind, is available for download now
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For Tim Tebow, being kind goes a very long way.

While speaking to PEOPLE ahead of World Kindness Day and the launch of his new app Kindli on Friday, the multi-talented athlete details how goodwill is such an important part of his everyday life.

Describing being kind as "life-changing" and that he always tries to "live a lifestyle that is full of kindness," Tebow notes that being a good and warm-hearted person "has the ability to radically shift a lot of perspectives."

"When you go out of your way and you do something, you have no idea of the ripple effect. You have no idea of the lifelong impact that it could have," the 33-year-old tells PEOPLE. "It could be for someone that is having a tough day, someone that has just lost their job or someone that is going through a really traumatic time."

"One of my favorite [Bible] verses is a verse that says 'What is desirable in a man is his kindness,' and I think it's important, whenever and wherever, to be able to spread it," he adds.

Tim Tebow

Now, alongside Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings and WWE star Titus O'Neil, Tebow launched the first-ever "social unity" app, which focuses on positivity and being kind.

Described as a platform that is "on a mission to disrupt social media as we know it and propel a sustainable movement that affects positive change," per a press release, Kindli is free to download.

"I personally believe — and as a team Kindli believes — that kindness is contagious," Tebow says. "I believe it's contagious and people want to be involved."

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While Kindli users can view content and follow other users online for free, in order to post their own messages and comment on others', users are required to make a one-time dollar donation to one of Kindli's charity partners. The donations contribute to the app's goal of raising one billion dollars for charitable organizations.

"I think it's very important right now, in our country and around the world, to be able to spread kindness," New York Times best-selling author Tebow says. "Because when you're giving, you're actually really getting."

"Hopefully when people go to the app and they're scrolling through their phone, instead of scrolling through and seeing a lot of other things — some good, some maybe not as good — maybe they can go to Kindli and they can see acts of kindness," he adds. "And maybe it'll be encouraging for them to just go out of their way for their neighbor, for their friend, for their community ... for whoever."

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Tim Tebow
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And for Tebow, who has used his platform countless times over the years to spread positivity, he hopes this new venture will inspire others to follow suit.

"Could you imagine if there were 1,000, 10,000, one million or 10 million people that said, 'This week or this month, I'm gonna go out there and I'm going to find someone ... and I'm going to go out of my way and I'm going to do something special?' " he says. "Hopefully, more people will be able to feel and experience that."