Tiger Woods scored 13 under par at Sunday's Masters Tournament to cement his win, besting storied competitors including Rory McIlroy and Phil Mickelson

By Dave Quinn
April 15, 2019 08:57 AM

Tiger Woods may have won the Masters Tournament again, but he’s still coming to terms with his own success.

The professional golfer, 43, spoke with CNN’s Andy Scholes on Sunday about his big win, which came 11 years after his last Major (and 14 years after he won the Masters title for the fourth time).

“It’s hard to comprehend right now. I mean, honestly, it’s only been a few hours out of winning the tournament,” Woods said. “I’m still trying to enjoy it and figure out that I actually won it.”

“I know I have the green jacket on but it’s just, it’s still, I think it’s going to take a little bit of time to sink in,” he added.

Woods’ victory on Sunday was a major milestone, especially considering the athlete has had countless injuries throughout the years (he underwent four back surgeries in 2014, 2015 and 2017).

Tiger Woods
| Credit: Andrew Redington/Getty Images

Still, no matter what obstacles his health put in his path, Woods said he was still confident that he would be on top again.

“I did think [this day] would come,” he told CNN. “I knew it was in me. Did I know it was going to be this week? No. But I had a good feeling that the way I was [playing] that I was going to be in the mix. … Fortunately, I was able to hit some of my best golf shots all week.”

Tiger Woods of the United States celebrates after sinking his putt
Tiger Woods
| Credit: Andrew Redington/Getty Images
Tiger Woods
| Credit: David Cannon/Getty Images

Perhaps the most emotional part for Woods came minutes after his win at Georgia’s Augusta National, when son Charlie, 10 — wearing a matching red shirt and black hat — gave his father a congratulatory embrace.

Woods had famously hugged his late father Earl after his first Masters win back in 1997, the image of their loving moment becoming one of the most iconic photos of Woods’ career. Now Woods was a father himself.

“[It was] surreal,” he said on CNN. “I did the same thing to my dad. Now I’m the dad with my son doing the same thing. It’s amazing how life evolves, it changes.”

“That was 22 years ago, when my dad was there,” Woods added. “Now my son’s there, my daughter [Sam Alexis, 11] was there, my mom was there. My mom was there 22 years ago. The fact that she’s still around, still kicking, still fighting, goes to show you her resiliency.”

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Woods scored 13 under par at The Masters Tournament to cement his win, besting storied competitors including Rory McIlroy and Phil Mickelson

Last year’s green jacket recipient, Patrick Reed, finished 15 under par in 2018. The year prior, Sergio Garcia finished with a final score of 9 under par.

The purse for this year’s Masters was a record $11.5 million, with Woods taking home $2.01 million.