After Kramer apologized for saying she "hate[s]" Uchitel, the latter says that they "text back and forth" now

By Jen Juneau
January 19, 2021 02:37 PM

Rachel Uchitel is opening up about her relationship with Jana Kramer now, after the latter apologized for saying she hates Uchitel.

In an interview with Extra published Monday, Tiger Woods' former mistress, 45, touched on how she and Kramer, 37, are getting along after the country singer said on the most recent episode of her Whine Down podcast that she has "hate" for Uchitel and subsequently apologized on the podcast.

"We had this moment, I got it," Uchitel told Extra. "This is the girl who, for 10 years, is the quintessential girl that hates me because she's the type of person I threaten. That she thinks I am the girl who cheats."

Uchitel added that she "got to sort of say [she's] sorry" to Kramer, which made them both "feel better." (Kramer's husband, Mike Caussin, has a history of infidelity and has been to rehab for sex addiction.)

Jana Kramer, Rachel Uchitel
Jana Kramer (left) and Rachel Uchitel
| Credit: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images; Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

But now that they've made amends, Uchitel and Kramer "text back and forth," the former said.

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Rachel Uchitel
Rachel Uchitel
| Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty
Jana Kramer
Jana Kramer and family
| Credit: Jana Kramer/ Instagram

Before bringing Uchitel on to her podcast episode, which aired Sunday, Kramer initially said she was not a fan of their guest.

"I hate her, honestly," Kramer admitted then. "That's a really mean thing to say. I don't know her. She's the face of someone else I hate. That's where I feel bad; I don't know her story."

After Kramer told Uchitel she was sorry, the latter said the backlash she has received for the last decade is the main reason she decided to share her side of the story in a new HBO documentary about Woods, 45, called Tiger.

"I go through life with people hating me like I did something personally to them and personally hurt them, personally offended them, personally did something to them with such a vengeance," she explained. "They hate me with a passion when I did nothing to them personally."

Uchitel told Kramer on her podcast: "You're the first person that has cause because your husband did something similar. I get it, because your husband did something and it makes sense, though. I get it, but I know why you have that hatred and I feel horrible."

Rachel Uchtiel, Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods (L); Rachel Uchitel
| Credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty; Astrid Stawiarz/Getty

"But you have to realize I didn't do it to you," Uchitel also told the One Tree Hill alum. "And I've had to feel hatred like your hatred for me for 10 years. And I didn't do that to you. I did it to someone else and I feel horrible but I didn't do it to you and I hope you realize that. And I'm sorry."

Kramer thanked Uchitel for her kind words, adding, "I think it's a huge lesson for women who have been cheated on or vice versa to know that just because someone else did doesn't mean they're a bad person. You didn't do that to me — you're the face and the story, but you're not that person. I can't imagine living those years with so many people just hating on you and not getting to know you."

In her recent interview with Extra, Uchitel also said she felt it was important to be featured in the "really interesting" Woods documentary after being at the forefront of the golf star's 2009 sex scandal and feels like, as a result, "a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders … because I was able to speak."

"Everyone loved [Tiger], everyone wanted to claim him as theirs, so they wanted m as the monster, and I understood that for 10 years," she said. "I kept my mouth shut. And he got to have his comeback. And it became not fair for me."

"To have to live with that branding this entire time. So, you know, at some point I just wanted to say what the story was and let me live my life," Uchitel added, getting emotional. "I want people to stop selling ridiculous stories about me and making things up about me and twisting my words. People just need to give me a break."