Three Men Help Exhausted Stranger Cross Philadelphia Half-Marathon Finish Line

Three men running in Sunday’s Philadelphia Love Run Half-Marathon didn’t think twice about helping an exhausted woman who was about to fall less than 100 yards before crossing the finish line.

Cousins Joseph McGinty and Bryan Crnkovic saw her about to collapse and helped her up.

“I was coming up and I saw her legs were giving out,” Crnkovic told FOX 29, adding that another man joined him to assist. “I grabbed her just before she fell and tried to help her along.”

It was then that McGinty came back, carried her just up to the finish line and then had her cross it on her own.

After paramedics brought her a wheelchair, Crnokovic says they walked off and went about their day. It was only when he got a phone call from his cousin Bill that he knew the video had been seen by many.

“You see someone that needs help,” adds McGinty, “you just want to help. We all push for that goal and we all train.”

The cousins, who run this course almost every weekend together, said they didn’t worry about jeopardizing their times to help her.

“Kudos to these Heroes helping the woman walk across the finish line,” wrote one person on the news outlet’s Facebook page.

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