Washington Football Team Reveals New Helmets Without Former Logo

The Washington Football Team debuted the first piece of gear for their new chapter

Washington Football Team helmets
Photo: Washington Football Team/Twitter

The Washington Football Team has a new helmet to accompany their new name.

On Wednesday, the NFL franchise debuted their new look helmets, which now features uniform numbers in place of the team's former logo. The club's original Redskins name and symbol were dropped in July following years of outcry from critics who denounced the name as a slur used against Native Americans.

The team has so far kept its original burgundy and gold color scheme and has not revealed how their new uniforms will look. Last month, Adam Schefter of ESPN tweeted a mock-up of the uniforms, which showed them looking almost unchanged from last season's uniforms, sans any of the former logos.

Reaction to the new helmets was mixed on social media — some said the gear looked as if it belonged to a "college" team, while superfan Dale Earnhardt Jr. tweeted a meme in approval of the design. One Twitter user praised the look and asked the team to keep it even when they decide on their new name.

The franchise decided to drop the old moniker last month when FedEx, a leading sponsor, threatened to pull its name from stadium signage following the 2020 NFL season if it was not retired.

"For updated brand clarity and consistency purposes, we will call ourselves the 'Washington Football Team' pending adoption of our new name," the team said in a statement on July 23 that announced the change. "The Redskins name and logo will officially be retired by the start of the 2020 season. We encourage fans, media and all other parties to use 'Washington Football Team' immediately."

"In addition, we are rolling out an aesthetic that reflects the direction of the franchise as we progress toward a new name and design scheme," the statement continued.

Owner Dan Snyder had previously said the team would "never change" the name in a 2013 interview with USA Today.

While the team hasn't given fans any clues to what name they'll eventually adopt, there's at least one man who has probably thought about it more than anyone else.

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According to the Washington Post, 61-year old Martin McCaulay of Virginia has trademarked dozens of potential new names for the team, including the Washington Red-Tailed Hawks, Washington Americans and Washington Football Club.

McCaulay also has pending applications for Washington Red Wolves, Washington Redtails, Washington Monuments, Washington Veterans, Washington Renegades, and Washington Warriors.

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