"I've always said, 'Anytime I do a reality show, I'm giving you everything. I'm giving you my all,' " Mike Mizanin tells PEOPLE
Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin Reveals How Wife Maryse Told Him She's Pregnant
Mike 'The Miz' and Maryse Mizanin
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Let them entertain you.

WWE superstars Mike "The Miz" and Maryse Mizanin's hit USA Network series Miz & Mrs is back, and with more hijinks, the couple tells PEOPLE in a new interview.

Mike tells PEOPLE they're "just really excited" that the Total Divas spin-off's second season is returning with new episodes.

"If you want to laugh, if you want something to escape your reality, enter ours, and just sit there with your entire family and look how ridiculous our family is," Mike, 40, says. "And then look at each one of your members of your family and go, 'We did that. Or we would never do that.' Or 'something like that has happened to us.' That's the type of things that are going to happen on our show and then some."

The new episodes will also include the birth of the couple's second child, Madison, now 13 months.

"This will actually be the part where you actually get to witness Madison's birth, which is pretty incredible," Mike says. "We have a whole special thing that I do for Maryse kind of through Monroe [2]. Monroe's going to be a big sister for the first time. That's a big task. And so it's getting her prepared to be a big sister, and us be prepared for another child."

Maryse, 37, tells PEOPLE she loves the extra time filming the series affords her to be with her young children.

She explains, "I get to see my kids at all times, and I want to see them at all times. I do really bad being away from them for 30 minutes. Being a mom of two, obviously, I cannot be on the road with WWE like I used to be. We used to be on the road 275 days a year, if not more. I kind of do miss that lifestyle sometimes, but I love being with my kids."

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She adds, "I've never seen my mom and my family more since filming Miz and Mrs, because I used to be always gone. So, this kind of brought my family together."

And the pair is happy the kids get to experience it, as well — especially as they've been focused on keeping them busy and engaged while the coronavirus pandemic has most people at home.

"I know my husband would say, 'We're WWE superstars. We entertain people for a living. So it's easy, we just entertain them 24/7,' " says Maryse. "We're basically clowns. That's our job. We just are completely dedicated to them."

Adds Mike: "We're a 100 percent entertainment company. Anything that Monroe and Madison desire, we will do it."

Miz & Mrs airs Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. EST on USA Network.