Ross D. Franklin/AP
July 29, 2015 05:00 PM

Baseball can be more than a pastime. For some people, it’s a means to bond with your family members over decades of watching your favorite team.

For one fan of the New York Mets, this was especially true. That fan was so moved by a handwritten condolence letter that the team’s manager, Terry Collins sent his mother that he uploaded it to Reddit, where it’s proved popular with other baseball fans.

“My dad and I watched the Mets together for my whole life,” the unnamed Reddit user wrote. “He died 9 months ago. Somehow, the team found out, and Terry Collins sent this to my mother.”


“Dear Kate,” Collins’ note reads, “Just got a note about the passing of your husband last fall. Sorry to be so late but mail moves slowly here. I know Pete was a big Mets fan and will be missed. Hopefully this finds you doing well and looking forward. My condolences, and if I can help in any way, let me know.”

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Collins’ own father, Loren “Bud” Collins, died in February at age 95. Collins , 66, was himself very close with his father, and according to Sports Illustrated, Collins spent the majority of the off season with his father.

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