"I've already won my biggest fight," Petra Kvitova told reporters

By Rose Minutaglio
May 26, 2017 03:26 PM

Czech tennis player Petra Kvitova is making an incredible comeback.

Just five months after a man wielding a knife stabbed her, the two-time Wimbledon champ (2011, 2014) will return to the tennis court, after being included in the draw for the French Open on Friday.

“I’ve already won my biggest fight,” Kvitova told reporters. “I stayed in life and I have all my fingers.”

The perpetrator allegedly gained access to her apartment by posing as a utilities worker in the attempted robbery. Kvitova required four hours of surgery after protecting herself, reports The New York Times.

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The intrusion occurred in the city of Prostejov around 8:30 a.m. on December 20. Kvitova was able to fend off her attacker, who fled. At the time she felt “fortunate to be alive,” she said.

However her the tendons and nerves in her left hand were badly damaged.

Her surgeon, Radek Kebrele, originally said in a press release that her chances of playing again were “very low” for “multiple reasons,” according to CNN.

But Kvitova is returning about a month earlier than expected.
“I knew this day would come but sometimes when I was watching tennis on TV, I didn’t really feel great,” she said. “I felt like the tennis was taken away from me, and it wasn’t my decision.

“Suddenly, I couldn’t do what I love. So I’m happy that I can be here.”

According to CNN, she has been drawn against world No. 86 Julia Boserup in the first round of the tournament, which starts on May 28.