Hugh Jackman doubles the fun in a sweet, funny family movie

By Alynda Wheat
February 26, 2016 12:00 PM

As Olympic dreams go, this one was as inspiring as it was insane.

With an almost lethal level of inexperience, Michael “Eddie” Edwards (Kingsman‘s Taron Egerton) dared to enter the ’88 Calgary Games as a ski jumper and –dramatic pause – he lived!

Eddie Edwards at the 1988 Olympics
Bob Thomas/Getty

Oh, Eddie may not sound like the breathless sports film of the late winter, with its milk-drinking protagonist and decided lack of edge.

Taron Egerton (left) and Hugh Jackman in Eddie the Eagle
Larry Horricks/20th Century Fox

But Egerton is so gosh-darn sweet as the skier, and Hugh Jackman makes such a swell jerk as his trainer, Bronson Peary, that you’ll take the ride with them anywhere, even to the top of a 90-meter ski jump (that’s 30 stories, by the way).

Eddie the Eagle is in theaters now.