Tara Lipinski's BFF-turned-bridesman Johnny Weir was a guest!

By Rose Minutaglio
April 24, 2017 12:52 PM

Tara Lipinski is one gorgeous bride-to-be!

The former Olympic figure skater gave PEOPLE an inside look at her “homey, intimate” pre-wedding celebration with 30 close friends and family members, including “bridesman” Johnny Weir. The April 15 party at her Los Angeles pad had a romantic, pastel aesthetic and was organized by Lipinski’s mother, Patricia.

“She designed the whole thing without telling me a word!” Lipinski, 34, tells PEOPLE. “I know she started planning back in October, so it was a huge surprise to see all that she did. It was everything I could have dreamed of — and more.”

Credit: Elizabeth Messina

The shower actually kicked off the day prior with a special surprise from Lipinski’s fiancé, Fox Sports producer Todd Kapostasy.

“He booked a hotel for us to stay at, with a beautiful dinner he arranged,” says Lipinski. “All the girls were in on it as I thought we were just going to go to a group happy hour. He had packed my bag already! Then all of sudden he said, ‘We’ve got to go.‘

“I had no idea!”

The next day, Kapostasy walked her to the celebration — but Lipinski couldn’t bear to see him leave.

“So he stayed [for the shower],” says Lipinski, who donned a beautiful cream-colored Zimmermann lace jumper for the occasion. “It made the day that much better and even more memorable.”

Credit: Elizabeth Messina

Lipinski’s mother even designed everything to fit the skater’s “romantic” personality.

“She made the table cloths by hand for all the tables including the dessert table,” says Lipinski. “Where I sat, she designed pearls that spelled out TNT, for Todd and Tara. I thought that was so cute!”

Lipinski and her mother both love antiquing, so every etched glass, plate and serving dish was bought from an antique store.

“I once showed her this adorable party picture where they had the cutest umbrellas hanging from the ceiling and [mom] must have remembered,” says Lipinski. “She attached the crystals to make it look like rain. And then made beautiful satin bows to hang with them.

“I’m so close with my mom that I knew every part of the shower would reflect my personality perfectly and it definitely did.”

Credit: Elizabeth Messina

And, of course, BFF-turned-bridesman Johnny Weir flew in for the special day.

“He goes into ‘Mommy mode’ and makes sure everything is perfect and is always checking in on me,” says Lipinski. “He sat next to me while I was opening gifts and so many funny things happened as they always do when we are together. Especially after we have a glass or two of wine! When the lingerie started coming out he displayed it for everyone along with funny comments that made everyone laugh.

“I couldn’t imagine my life without him!”

Lipinski, who hired photographer Elizabeth Messina to snap pics of the event, says it meant the world to her to have friends from all walks of life gathered in one place.

“I couldn’t believe so many people flew in to be part of this day. That meant so much,” she says. “[It] was emotional. My childhood friends, my skating friends, and my best friends from Los Angeles and New York City all in one place was amazing.”

Guests included her childhood best friend, her former Olympics coach and Andrea Joyce and Jill Costas, who she befriended while working as an NBC commentator.

Credit: Elizabeth Messina

Lipinski says the months leading up to her wedding have “just flown by.”

“I’m so excited to party and celebrate with all our friends and family,” she says. “However, there is one moment I know will be my favorite part of the wedding — walking down the aisle with my dad where I will then stand and look at Todd and try to say my vows without crying.

“I will need double strength waterproof mascara!”

Lipinski will tie the knot this summer in Charleston, South Carolina.