John Travolta Goes Back to His 'Grease' Roots for Super Bowl Ad with Zach Braff and Donald Faison

The trio sing their own version of "Summer Nights" in a T-Mobile home internet commercial that will air during Sunday's big game

Zach Braff and Donald Faison are back starring in another T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial together, but this time, they're joined by John Travolta and they couldn't be more excited.

"We just feel really, super lucky and we had no idea that the one we did last year would be such a hit," Braff, 47, tells PEOPLE exclusively from the Los Angeles commercial set. "We certainly had no idea they'd ask us back again, so we're just super excited and honored because it's the most people that watch anything in the country."

In the ad promoting T-Mobile's home internet plans, Travolta, 68, is seen paying homage to his Grease days as the trio sing and dance to a revised version of "Summer Nights," the hit song he sang as Danny Zuko back in 1978 alongside co-star Olivia Newton John.

Braff and Faison had never met the Academy Award winning actor before getting to the set, but say they've long been big fans of his work.

t-mobile super bowl ad
Donald Faison, John Travolta and Zach Braff. t-mobile

"I had a Welcome Back Kotter lunch box," Braff says of the former sitcom where Travolta played Vinnie Barbarino.

"Listen, I have a really hard time meeting other actors or peers and stuff like that," Faison, 48, adds. "I get excited for anyone and everyone, but I will tell you this: If you are in my top five, top 10, I'm going to go crazy. Travolta's in my top five and I went crazy."

Faison got so giddy meeting Travolta, that Braff had to remind him to keep his cool.

"We had a talk beforehand," Braff shares. "I said, 'Donald, be chill. Don't start asking questions about the movies until we've settled this.' Ten seconds in, he starts asking questions about Face/Off. I'm like, "Bro, we had a discussion.'"

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"Yeah, but look, that went out the window once he started talking to me," Faison admits. "He started the conversation and I was like, "Well, let me get into Face/Off then."

t-mobile super bowl ad
Zach Braff, John Travolta and Donald Faison. t-mobile

The Fake Doctors, Real Friends podcast hosts even got dance lessons to prepare for the commercial from the Saturday Night Fever star.

"We have an amazing choreographer and stand-in dancers that are teaching us, but then John does it and you're like, 'Oh, how can I look like that?'" Braff says. "And it's particularly the moves that we're doing an homage to in Grease."

"We've never seen John Travolta on-screen," Faison explains. "We've only seen characters that he plays, and it's very clear when you're having a conversation with him that he's nothing like these characters. I'm sure he has some sort of connection to them, so one of the first questions I asked him was about his walk in Saturday Night Fever and how I tried to imitate it all the time because it's one of the most iconic walks ever."

t-mobile super bowl ad
John Travolta, Donald Faison and Zach Braff. t-mobile

Travolta and the real life best friends spent two days shooting the 60-second ad — created and produced by Panay Films — and now they're grateful to have tales from the set to share for life.

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"He's so generous with his stories," Braff says. "Now that we've gotten to know him a little bit, now we're not afraid to ask questions. He's so generous and kind with answering all our anecdote questions and everything."

"We got Pulp Fiction stories now, we got Grease stories," adds Faison. "I got Face/Off stories. I got them all."

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