Pro Football Hall of Famer tells PEOPLE how he thinks the annual football championship is best watched

Michael Strahan knows a little something about the Super Bowl — the retired NFL player has won one.

And now, Strahan, 48, is sharing his best tips for taking in the big game this Sunday when the Kansas City Chiefs face off against the San Francisco 49ers in Miami.

While Strahan will be in the Florida heat this weekend, he definitely knows how to take in the championship game from a seat outside of the arena: namely, your couch.

Be ready to sip

“My first tip is to have a great signature drink,” the Strahan, Sara and Keke host tells PEOPLE. “For me it’s simple. I love tequila with a lime but you may want to add more spice for your guest. A nice drink is tequila with grapefruit soda.”

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… And then dip

The former New York Giants defensive end says a “good dip” is crucial.

“I usually go with guac (extra lime!) and chips,” he says. “It’s a quick, easy finger food and is always a hit with everyone.”

The main course

“You can’t have your guests leaving hungry,” Strahan says for those hosting a game watch. “Some of my favorite things to serve are wings, tacos, and burgers — and you have to be ready for all diets and preferences, so I always make sure I have Beyond Meat Burgers as well.”

He adds, “It’s always good to have a few options for everyone coming to the party. It’s so good you won’t know the difference!”

Wear your team pride

“Regardless of whether or not my team is in the Super Bowl, I always like to show support for the NFL and big game,” Strahan advises. “Looking the part was actually the inspiration behind my new capsule collection, MSX by Michael Strahan for NFL.

Continues the former athlete: “On game day you know I’m dressed comfortably and ready for a great game.”

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Get comfy

Viewing location is absolutely everything for the former Giant.

“Make sure you find a good spot on the couch before it fills up,” he urges. “Then sit back, relax and tune in to FOX to watch the game!”

The 49ers and the Chiefs will play at Super Bowl LIV on Sunday in Miami at the Hard Rock Stadium. The game will begin at 6:30 p.m. EST, airing on FOX.