Tom Brady Says There Is 'Zero' Chance He Is Retiring After Super Bowl LIII: 'No One Believes Me'

The five-time champion has no plans to retire soon — no matter what happens at the Super Bowl

Tom Brady
Photo: Logan Bowles/AP

Attention fans of the 31 NFL teams that are looking forward to the day when Tom Brady finally retires: Don’t hold your breath. The 41-year-old insists he won’t be hanging up his cleats anytime soon, regardless of what happens this weekend.

The legendary New England Patriots quarterback will be aiming for his sixth Super Bowl championship this Sunday when he faces off against the Los Angeles Rams in Atlanta at Super Bowl LIII. The meeting between the two franchises comes 17 years after Brady lead the Pats to victory over the Rams in Super Bowl XXXVIl — a matchup that launched a dynasty in New England that’s still going strong nearly two decades later.

After losing last year’s championship to the Philadelphia Eagles and experiencing a decline in numbers this season, many have wondered whether Brady would be looking to score one last Super Bowl ring to close out his legendary career on a high note.

Yet, according to the man himself, he isn’t riding off into the sunset for another few seasons. In fact, there is a “zero” percent chance.

“I’ve said that for a long time,” Brady told ESPN on Sunday. “I feel like I’m asked that a lot, and I feel like I repeat the same answer. But no one believes me.”

“I’ve set a goal for myself at 45,” he continued. “Like I’ve said before, it’s very hard to make it that far. I know how hard it was this year and the commitment it takes, and hopefully, I’ve learned from some of the things that happened this year to be better next year. But every year is tough.”

When it comes to retirement, Brady says he’ll know when the time is right — and that time isn’t now.

“I’m gonna feel like, ‘OK, I’ve had enough,’ ” he told the outlet. “I don’t quite feel like that yet.”

Tom Brady after winning the 2002 Super Bowl. JEFF HAYNES/AFP/Getty

And while Brady’s stats may have dipped in some categories this season compared to previous years, he sees enough positives to feel he can compete for a long time to come.

“I feel like I’ve still made a lot of improvements, and I still feel like I can continue to do it at a championship level,” he explained to ESPN. “And I think that’s where I was at before, and that’s still where I’m at now.”

Brady’s appearance on Sunday will be his ninth overall trip to the Super Bowl. This time he’ll be up against a quarterback nearly 20 years his junior in the Rams’ Jared Goff, 24, who is the same age Brady was when he won it all in 2002.

Meanwhile, Patriots coach Bill Belichick, 66, will be hoping to get the upper hand over Sean McVay, 33, of the Rams, who is the youngest head coach to ever make it to the championship game.

Super Bowl LIII will be aired February 3 at 6:30 p.m. ET. on CBS.

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