The NBA player has superstar athletes competitively throwing clothes in hampers for his new YouTube special

By Lindsay Kimble
June 26, 2020 04:29 PM
Stephen Curry
Aubrie Pick
| Credit: Aubrie Pick

To a special group of elite athletes, NBA star Stephen Curry is now known as Commissioner Curry.

The athlete hosts YouTube's fun new special, Ultimate Home Championship, which has seven competitors from an array of sports battling it out at-home in quirky challenges.

"You take some everyday type of scenarios, turn it into a competition and bring some of the best athletes from different sports industries to the fold and just have fun," Curry tells PEOPLE of the special.

Among the competitors are Von Miller, Ronda Rousey, and Lindsey Vonn. The athletes participate in a series of games, including the hamper challenge, which involves stripping off items of clothing and shooting them into a laundry basket from 20-feet away for different point values.

The finalists then compete in the Marathon of Madness, a relay challenge of athletic feats done throughout their homes.

"It was something we were talking about when quarantine kind of became the reality for pretty much everybody," Curry, who also executive produced the special, says of coming up with the concept. "We started with the premise that any idea was a good idea. And then we tried to vet it out in terms of the opportunity to keep people engaged with different entertainment while sports were shut down."

The 32-year-old says the team behind the special collaborated to come up with the challenges but was inspired by things they saw on social media as well.

"Families coming up with their own type of Olympics, whether it's shooting laundry into a hamper or tossing paper from the top stairwell and running down the stairs and trying to catch it as fast as you can, like any idea to come up with where it's kind of — no matter how tall, strong, fast you are — you can do," he elaborates.

The games, Curry admits, "you wouldn't think would be much of a challenge at a first glance," but "it's cool to see the normal stuff that we do — household chores, whatever it is — that you can use as a form of competition."

And they had a "great group of people that answered the call to take part in the challenge."

In addition to being entertaining as many are still spending most of their time at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, the special also raised money for the World Health Organization's COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

"We all understand that we're in a pretty crazy reality in terms of the pandemic and now with increased conversation, awareness and protests around social justice issues," Curry tells PEOPLE. "So I think everybody's trying to find a way to use whatever resources and platforms they have to do good and to raise money for causes that are doing amazing work."

Ultimate Home Championship is available to stream now.