Steph Curry Reconnects with Young Cancer Patient After Meeting Him at the Hospital

Brody Stephen's dad received a video from Steve Kerr on Christmas where the coach invited him to play basketball with the Warriors

Photo: Steve Jennings/Getty

Stephen Curry visited 8-year-old leukemia patient and basketball superfan Brody Stephens at the hospital last fall. But that wasn’t the last time the pair would meet up.

Stephens reconnected with his favorite player before Monday’s game against the Utah Jazz, where he was the special guest of the team–by invitation of Coach Steve Kerr–to celebrate his release from the hospital.

The boy’s father shared a photo of Brody and Curry fist bumping before the game, with the fan donning a Golden State jersey.

“Brody and Steph catching back up,” he captioned the snap. “He can’t wait to be ball boy tonight.”

According to the Indy Star, Brody’s dad received a video from Kerr on Christmas where the coach invited him to play basketball with the Warriors.

Curry used a day off in Indianapolis to visit the young fan at the Riley Hospital for Children in November. The two exchanged autographed jerseys in the emotional meeting.

The young boy overcame an acute myeloid leukemia diagnosis when he was 18 months, but was rediagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in December 2015, according to his GoFundMe page.

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“Look who traded autographed jerseys today!!! Unbelievable Moment!!!! #BrodyStrong,” Brody’s father, Jason Stephens tweeted.

Curry spent an hour with Brody, who showed him all of his NBA trading cards and posed for a photo with the signed jersey.

“Brody had gone through hell and back many times already in his life and for that hour and a half, his brothers, his mom, myself, and I think even the nurses, we just got to forget about it for a while,” Jason told the Indy Star. “Everybody in the room that has known Brody, knows that this is his wish.”

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