After overcoming a rare seizure disorder as a baby, die-hard Warriors devotee Brandon Kelman got his "only wish" granted when Steph Curry paid him a visit

By Rose Minutaglio
Updated December 19, 2019 09:22 AM

After overcoming a rare seizure disorder as a baby, die-hard Warriors devotee Brandon Kelman got his “only wish” granted when Steph Curry paid him a visit — and played ball with the young fan.

Brandon dealt with infantile spasms as a young child and developed lasting cognitive and physical delays. But the teen, who was not expected to ever walk or talk, found the strength to rehabilitate and push forward watching Curry play basketball on television. The 14-year-old, who owns Curry jerseys and sneakers, has since made incredible progress and even taught himself how to dribble and shoot a ball, according to KTVU.

But his dream has always been to meet his idol one day.

After catching wind of Brandon’s success story (and passion for all things Steph Curry!) on social media, the Warriors helped set up a meeting between the NBA star and the aspiring athlete.

“It was the best day ever for me!” Brandon told KTVU of shooting hoops with his hero.

“To be able to bless other people’s lives, give them inspiration and hope, for a kid like Brandon to just be able to get out and play, dribble, shoot, overcome obstacles; it just gives me more motivation to keep doing what I’m doing,” Curry added of the experience.

The duo played one-on-one, Brandon grinning ear to ear the entire time as he swished shot after shot. Curry, high-fiving his new friend, was impressed with the performance: “Keep fighting, keep doing it. Nobody can tell you you can’t do anything,” he told Brandon as they finished up their game.

“The self confidence he gained today is priceless to me,” Brandon’s mother Georgianna Junco-Kelman told KTVU of her son. “Absolutely priceless.”

Added his father, Jonathan Kelman: “It restored my faith in humanity.”