April 04, 2017 02:24 PM

Steph Curry has obviously proven he’s got skills on the basketball court, but it turns out the athlete can also carry a tune.

The Golden State Warriors guard showed an impressive amount of knowledge regarding Disney lyrics when James Corden picked him up for an afternoon of fun (and life lessons) at the miniature golf course. When Curry said he was hoping to do some Carpool Karaoke, the late night host was hesitant.

“Look, everyone thinks they can Carpool Karaoke. Everyone thinks they’ve got what it takes,” Corden told viewers. “He’s got to show me. He’s got to earn the right to do it.”

“I made Adele audition for weeks,” he joked.

After a few vocal warm-up exercises, Corden asked the basketball star what kind of music he prefers. Curry responded that his 4-year-old daughter Riley rules the radio, meaning Disney songs were a favorite.

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Corden put on “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana and Curry nailed every word of the Lin-Manuel Miranda-penned song. Curry even broke out his signature mouthpiece, gnawing on it while he sang along.

Next up, it was duet time. Corden took on the role of Anna from Frozen while the two-time MVP sang along to Prince Hans’ part for “Love Is an Open Door.” Even the talk show host was impressed by his passenger’s ability to stay on key throughout the song.

“He’s the greatest basketball shooter of all time, he’s unbelievable a mini-golf, he’s incredible at air hockey, he’s great at the dance game, he’s good at all games as far as I can work out, he’s a really nice guy plus he taught me an amazing noodle soup that I’m going to cook tonight,” Corden said. “He’s amazing. I hate him.”

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