Simone Biles Becomes First Woman to Do This Difficult Gymnastics Movement in Competition

"Everyday in training I kind of amaze myself," the decorated gymnast said after winning her 19th straight all-around title

Time and time again, Simone Biles puts everything she has and more into her gravity-defying routines.

The decorated gymnast competed at the GK U.S. Classic in Louisville, Kentucky, this weekend, claiming the top spot by more than two points. But taking home her 19th straight all-around title wasn’t even the icing on the cake.

Ahead of her floor routine in the competition, Biles, 22, completed a triple-twisting double tuck during warm-ups — a tumbling movement that no other female gymnast has executed competitively, according to the Olympic Channel, which shared a video of the moment on Twitter.

The difficult tumbling pass requires the gymnast to first perform two flips before seamlessly entering into three twists in a tucked position.

Although she didn’t perform the move during the competition this past weekend, she proved she was more than capable of pulling it off. The Washington Post reported that her rebound from the movement at the end even proves that Biles has more than enough power to execute the pass.


When the record-breaking gymnast does bring it to the competitive stage, she will become the first female athlete to do so.

“I don’t know, I feel like everyday in training I kind of amaze myself even more so we’ll have to see what’s to come,” Biles told NBC after her performance on Saturday.

And even though she didn’t compete with the triple-twisting double tuck, she did add a new component to her already difficult floor routine — upgrading her signature move, “the Biles.”

The skill was previously comprised of a double flip with a half twist. For Saturday’s performance, she connected that set to a front layout.

And it seems like she’ll definitely be bringing her revolutionary talents back to the Olympic stage.

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