Simone Biles Shares Her Self-Care Musts: Wine and Massages

From spending time cozying up with her dogs, to winding down with wine, the Olympic gymnast revealed how she practices self-care

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Simone Biles. Photo: simone biles/instagram

Simone Biles has found the perfect recipe for unwinding.

The 23-year-old told Men's Health in a new interview that she's been using the downtime the coronavirus pandemic has afforded her "to focus on my mental wellbeing."

"I have focused a lot of my self-care on feeding my mind with lots of positive thoughts," shared the Olympic gymnast. "For me, Pinterest is always a great outlet to find positive quotes."

The athlete also said that she's started getting massages to "release tension in my body and my mind."

Additionally, she tries to "sit outside every night with my dogs and relax." And, Biles noted, "A glass of wine never hurts on my off day."

It has been difficult, Biles admitted, to keep a "positive mindset" amid the tumultuousness of 2020, which included the postponement of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

"Being back in the gym and returning to training has helped me," Biles told Men's Health. "Having my sights set on Tokyo 2021 has also helped, but by no means is everything back to 'normal.' "

The athlete overall said that "taking time for myself is so important."

"I’m a worrier so I try to take care of others before myself. So taking time to myself has been really nice and I think I will be taking that into 2021."

After the Tokyo Games postponement in March, Biles told the Today show that she was emotional when she learned the news.

"I cried but ultimately it was the right decision," she said at the time. "We need to make sure everyone in the U.S. and around the world is healthy and safe. It was hard but it’s okay.”

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