The stunt, a Yurchenko double pike, has never been performed by a female gymnast in a competition

Once again, Simone Biles is continuing to awe her fans with never-before-attempted gymnastics moves.

On Monday, the 22-year-old athlete tweeted out a video of herself performing a Yurchenko double pike — a move which has never been performed by a female gymnast in a competition, according to The Washington Post.

In the four-second clip, Biles zooms by as she does a round-off onto the springboard, a back handspring onto the vault and then pushes off the platform into a double pike flip.

Named after Natalia Yurchenko, a Russian gymnast who performed the stunt in the 1980s, the stunt usually stops at a single flip. In Biles’s case, however, she tacked on an extra flip, adding another layer of difficulty to the stunt.

Biles captioned on the video “2020?” along with several eye emojis, leaving fans to wonder if she will attempt the stunt during the 2020 Tokoyo Olympics this summer.

When it comes to pushing boundaries in competitions, Biles has already nailed numerous never-before-done stunts.

The decorated gymnast now has four moves named for her: two floor moves, the “Biles” (double layout half out) and the “Biles II” (double backflip with three twists), the “Biles” vault (Yurchenko half on with two twists) and the “Biles” beam (double-double dismount), according to CBS Sports.

In October, Biles made history at the world championships in Stuttgart, Germany, by successfully landing the triple-double during her floor routine and then the double-double dismount on the balance beam.

And while the gymnast has a successful track record of nailing her famous stunts, the Yurchenko double pike is said to be very risky, the Post noted.

Simone Biles
Credit: Ulrik Pedersen/CSM/Shutterstock

In the Twitter clip, Biles lands in the foam pit with a feet-first finish, which would be necessary for her to land the full stunt on the floor. However, if the athlete doesn’t rotate enough during her flip, she could land on her neck or head.

Though the athlete has proved she is capable of pulling off the stunt, Biles doesn’t need to increase her risk of injury or her number of difficult moves, the Post explained, as her scores have constantly exceeded her competitors.

In October 2019, Biles told PEOPLE she’s taking things “one step at a time” ahead of competing in the 2020 Olympics.

“Right now, my mindset is to kind of take everything one day at a time, one step at a time because you never know what will happen and you can’t take any training for granted,” Biles said. “Kind of live in the moment.”