Simone Biles' Loopy Post-Wisdom Teeth Surgery Video Is Pure Comedy

Her video that could even beat the viral "David After Dentist" footage

Simone Biles gifted the Internet with a gold medal-worthy video that could give “David After Dentist” a run for his money.

The Olympian, 20, recently had her her wisdom teeth removed and chronicled her post-surgery recovery with a hilarious video of herself still loopy from the anesthesia.

Simone Biles/Instagram

“Wisdom teeth = gone,” Biles wrote along with a selfie with sister Adria. The sibling photo was followed up with a short clip of her waking up, with a caption that read: “after wisdom teeth !! no words haha! ENJOY! hope yall get a good laugh!!”

The 2017 ESPYs Best Female Athlete previously told PEOPLE that she’ll start up training in the fall with basic conditioning — but right now she’s “really enjoying” her time off from the sport.

“Except that I have to get my wisdom teeth out soon!” Biles said with a giggle. “I’ll be stuck at home all week.”

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Biles also shared that she planned on her adoptive dad Ron to film her post-procedure.

“Like when I’m all loopy. It’ll be funny, but in all seriousness, I’m actually excited to get my wisdom teeth out so I can just be at home with family,” the gymnast shared.

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