"Everybody staring at us makes me really nervous," Shawn Johnson tells PEOPLE
Credit: Lindsey Grace of Wild Native Photography

As a gold medal-winning Olympian – and former Dancing With the Stars champ – Shawn Johnson has triumphed on some of the world’s toughest stages. But with just days to go before her wedding, the bride-to-be has butterflies.

“This is strange but I’m a very shy person in front of crowds, so the whole idea of everybody being there for just Andrew and me, and everybody staring at us makes me really nervous,” Johnson tells PEOPLE of marrying fianc Andrew East, 24, a long snapper who recently signed with the Oakland Raiders. “And I’m not a really girly-girl and I’ll have on this beautiful dress and it’s out of my comfort zone.”

Plus, she says, there are all the “little tiny things” to tick off her list before she and East say “I do” at their informal and quirky ceremony Saturday.

“I’m feeling a little overwhelmed because you never realize how many small details crop up so close to the wedding,” she says. “Seating arrangements, trying to find ceremony music, picking up favor bags, writing cards.”

Though she may be anxious, Johnson, 24, says she has zero qualms about her choice of husband.

“Everything is right about him!” she says. “The more I wasn’t trying to impress him by being that celebrity girl or Olympic gymnast, but was just my weird, awkward self, the more he loved me. And it just became more and more comfortable.”

Before the big day, she says, the couple is planning to squeeze in one last date.

Says Johnson, “We’re going to start distancing ourselves from one another before the wedding but we want to go on one last date night as boyfriend and girlfriend to build the excitement for this weekend.”