Serena Williams Teases Sister Venus Over Her Empty Fridge as She Says She Misses Living Together

"We lived together our whole lives, but as adults for 20 years," shared Serena Williams

Cribs — the Venus Williams’ edition. But rather than on MTV, this episode is on sister Serena Williams‘ Instagram.

Serena, 37, playfully ribbed her older sister, 39, through social media on Wednesday, while also revealing that she misses the days when they cohabited.

“So I’m at Venus’ house, we lived together our whole lives, we’re not living together now which kinda sucks but it’s life,” explains Serena as she opens Venus’ fridge. “And I’ve seen nothing’s changed for her.”

In the fridge are only a few juices, some takeout, and a handful of other beverages. Jokes the tennis star, “It’s how she stays so thin.”

Jevone Moore/ Splash News Online
Jevone Moore/ Splash News Online

Continues Serena, “This was our refrigerator for like 20 years … we lived together our whole lives, but as adults for 20 years.”

The famous siblings most recently shared a Florida mansion in Palm Beach Gardens, on land they bought back in 1998 according to Variety.

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Serena Williams/Instagram

The two athletes’ close bond is often documented on Instagram, with Serena posting a photo of herself and Venus cuddling earlier this year. “Nobody loves you like I do,” she captioned the image, adding the hashtag “#sisters.”

“Accept… how I love you!” Venus responded in the comments section, alongside four red heart emojis.

And in January, Serena shared a photo of the two siblings seated side-by-side on a tennis court. “Some things never change,” she wrote.

In a 1991 interview with Today, the girls’ mother Oracene Price said of her then-rising star daughters, “Sometimes I feel just like it was destiny, you know, for the both of them. Because my first three girls, they went out, they didn’t take to it. But the last two, they liked it a great deal.”

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