Serena Williams Ready to Bowl Over Peyton Manning, Alex Morgan in Michelob Ultra's Super Bowl Ad

The "Welcome to Superior Bowl" ad features Serena Williams, Nneka Ogwumike and Alex Morgan alongside several prominent male athletes, part of Michelob Ultra's commitment to elevate women in professional sports

Serena Williams has her bowling arm ready.

The tennis icon is ready to take on some of the sports world's other greats at Superior Bowl, the old-timey bowling alley that serves as the setting for Michelob Ultra's Super Bowl 56 commercial.

In the full big game spot, released Tuesday and officially titled "Welcome to Superior Bowl," actor Steve Buscemi supplies NFL great Peyton Manning with a pair of bowling shoes and a brew as other athletes, including golfer Brooks Koepka, soccer star Alex Morgan, WNBA athlete Nneka Ogwumike and the NBA's Jimmy Buttler, hit the lanes in search of a strike.

Time seems to stand still when Williams — wearing orange sneakers and a curve-hugging purple jumpsuit embroidered with her name — enters the bowling alley. Says Buscemi (who, of course, most famously bowls in the 1998 movie The Big Lebowski), "Game time."

"It's only worth it if you enjoy it," the screen reads as the ad comes to an end.

In a press release, Michelob Ultra says its fictional Superior Bowl is "a place where legendary athletes and entertainers who embody the pursuit of health and happiness in equal measure, enjoy themselves all while celebrating with a superior light beer." Part of the equality manifested for Michelob Ultra in Williams, Ogwumike and Morgan's participation.

Serena Williams
Serena Williams. Courtesy Michelob Ultra

"This year, Michelob Ultra made a commitment to supporting gender equality in sports," Williams, 40, tells PEOPLE. "And it was so great to see that come into fruition when they decided to put that commitment to action by having just as many female athletes in this Super Bowl ad as they had male athletes."

She adds, "It's a great opportunity to applaud the brand for just elevating female athletes, and really walking the walk and talking the talk."

Williams says inclusivity and equal billing for female athletes is something that's often in the conversation, but not really delivered on. "Include us in ads," she tells PEOPLE. "Include us in Super Bowl campaigns. And not just one or two, but all of us. And so it was really cool to have more female athletes ... not more, but just the same number. It was like, 'Okay. There we go.' "

The superstar athlete specifically filmed her part in the ad with Buscemi, which she says was "really cool" as she's a fan of the veteran actor. And the feeling was mutual.

serena williams
Serena Williams. Courtesy Michelob Ultra

"I was actually a big fan of his. And he said he was a big fan of mine, too," recounts Williams. "We vibed a lot. We chatted a lot. We took pictures. We got some really cool behind-the-scenes footage, which I can't wait to post. It's been really cool and really fun."

The ad — directed by Rachel Morrison — is one of three commercials from Michelob Ultra set at Superior Bowl that will air during Sunday's game. Each of the commercials features a different product: Michelob Ultra, Michelob Ultra Pure Gold, and Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer.

Sunday's big game will feature a showdown between the Los Angeles Rams, led by quarterback Matthew Stafford, and the Cincinnati Bengals with Joe Burrow, only in his second season in the league.

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