Serena Williams Shares Beautiful Beach Photo of 'Soulmate' Venus Williams

Serena sang her older sister's praises during their recent trip to the Bahamas

Sisterly love!

While on vacation together in the Bahamas, Serena Williams shared an affectionate tribute to her sister, and “soulmate,” Venus Williams.

Reflecting on the bond she shares with the 39-year-old athlete, Serena called Venus her “doubles partner sister soulmate,” as well as “one of my fav sisters.” Alongside the message, Serena, 38, posted a beautiful photo of Venus wearing a green polka dot dress while standing on the beach.

As the two sisters soaked up the sun together earlier this week, they also spent some quality time on a yacht — and making puns!

Yacht got time?” Venus wrote alongside one video of the pair showing off some of their best moves onboard the vessel. “Yasssssssss,” Serena commented, before going on to post her own dancing video with the same caption over the weekend.

Venus Williams
Venus Williams/Instagram

During their sisterly getaway, Serena also posted multiple photos showcasing her stylish new hairstyle: a butt-length ponytail.

“I ain’t got Yacht type,” she wrote alongside one set of images, days before revealing that she’s actually decided to name her mane.

“Morning warmups with Trixie (this ponytail is so EXTRA I had to name her),” Williams captioned another snap, which saw the star showing off her flexibility by standing on one foot while raising the other toward the sky.

Over the summer, Serena reminisced about living with her older sister.

“So I’m at Venus’ house, we lived together our whole lives, we’re not living together now which kinda sucks but it’s life,” Serena said in an Instagram Story video, before cracking a joke about the lack of contents inside her sister’s fridge.

“Nothing’s changed for her,” Serena quipped. “This was our refrigerator for like 20 years … we lived together our whole lives, but as adults for 20 years.”

The famous siblings most recently shared a Florida mansion in Palm Beach Gardens, on land they bought back in 1998 according to Variety.

Andre Sturdivant for Oath

Speaking with Architectural Digest in August, Serena revealed that when they shared a home, Venus — who has her own interior design company — was always mixing things up design-wise.

“It’s so fun because we used to live together, and it was great because I would come home and the house would look different. I would love it, and it was perfect,” Serena said.

Trading compliments, Venus added that her younger sister is “really good at space planning.”

“Before I was doing any of this sort of design, I couldn’t do that,” Venus said. “So, it’s interesting how she has a knack for it and creating spaces and connections. It’s pretty cool.”

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