Don't Worry, Serena Williams' 'Granddaughter' Qai Qai Is at the Australian Open, Too

When mom's away, Qai Qai will play

When mom’s away, Qai Qai will play.

Serena Williams‘ “granddaughter” — the social media-famous doll of the athlete and her husband Alexis Ohanian‘s 16-month-old daughter Alexis Olympia — is taking the Australian Open by storm, lounging around on the Melbourne tennis courts and even taking over the Instagram account of the Women’s Tennis Association.

Qai Qai got her own Instagram account in August of last year, and quickly gained a following — now over 88,000 and counting. Her life consists of a lot of lying around, and the doll appears to often be injured, with a purple leg cast making frequent appearances. In recent months, an animated version of the doll has been popping up in photos on the account when mom Alexis Olympia isn’t looking.

“We ready,” teased Qai Qai in a photo shared on Monday from the Rod Laver Arena, ahead of Williams’ first match on Tuesday (which she won).

Qai Qai/Instagram; Inset: Serena Williams/Instagram
Qai Qai. Qai Qai/Instagram

While at the helm of the WTA’s account, Qai Qai took fans around the tennis complex in Melbourne, tracking down Williams on her practice court and catching a few moments in the shade.


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Williams is playing at the Australian Open for the first time since welcoming Alexis Olympia. She won the 2016 tournament for the seventh time while she was early into her pregnancy.

The open began on Monday and will conclude on Sunday, Jan. 27. If she is victorious in the women’s singles tournament, it will be the athlete’s 24th Grand Slam win.

2019 Australian Open - Day 2
Serena Williams at the Australian Open. Mark Kolbe/Getty

For her first match on Tuesday — against Germany’s Tatjana Maria — the tennis star wore a bright teal lycra romper, complete with black fishnets underneath.

The jumpsuit was custom-made for Williams by Nike, according to Yahoo! Sports, and also featured a subtle black and white striped design.

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