"I was enough awake where I remembered it and i was like 'Ow, ow!' Scott Hamilton tells PEOPLE

By Rose Minutaglio
May 26, 2017 12:28 PM

Olympic gold medal winning figure skater Scott Hamilton is opening up about being awake during surgery and feeling things he “didn’t really want to feel.”

In August 2016, the 58-year-old married father of four kids, who became an overnight sensation after winning Olympic gold in 1984, was diagnosed with his third benign pituitary tumor in 12 years. During his first surgery, an artery was nicked causing complications.

“By the time I got to my ninth angiogram, I go, ‘Here’s what I like,’ ” Says Hamilton in an interview that appears in this week’s issue of PEOPLE. (Watch the full episode of the Jess Cagle Interview: Scott Hamilton Today, available now on the new People / Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN).). “And I said to the anesthesiologist I go, ‘Last one I was kind of a little awake and felt things I didn’t want to feel.’

“She goes, ‘Oh okay, let’s work on that.’ So, I go ‘You all set?’ She goes ‘Yeah I got you covered.’ I look at my doctor I said ‘You all set?’ He goes ‘I’m set.’ I closed my eyes and open them and he was standing there and I go, ‘You getting ready to go?’ And he goes, ‘We’re done!’ ”

Credit: Scott Hamilton/Instagram

Hamilton recalls being awake and feeling pain during that first surgery, though.

“I was enough awake where I remembered it and i was like ‘Ow, ow!’ he says. “But they got me through it.”