Ryan Lochte Reveals He's on Tinder: 'I've Been Matching up With Gorgeous Women Who Are Smart'

"I want someone that has goals and all that," the Olympian shared with Cosmopolitan

Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty

Ryan Lochte has been swiping right on the road to Rio.

The five-time gold medalist has been getting ready for his third consecutive Olympics, but he’s also been enjoying the dating app Tinder.

“I heard it took off in Sochi [at the 2014 Winter Olympics] and then people were talking about it and I was like, ‘Let me try this,'” Lochte, 31, told Cosmopolitan. “So I got on it and I’ve been matching up with a bunch of gorgeous women who are smart, they have professional jobs and everything. I’m like, ‘Wow, this is perfect.’ So I’ve been on Tinder lately. So far I haven’t had any dates or anything. I’ve just been talking with a couple [women].”

The swimmer also admitted that he’s tried his hand at Bumble and Raya, but disliked the restrictions of those app. “Well with Bumble, the girl always has to make the first [move], and I don’t really like that. I don’t think that’s a woman job. So I got off that,” Lochte said. “And then Raya [an app for celebrities and creatives], I don’t know. I’m living in Charlotte so that didn’t really work because most of the women you link up with are either in L.A. or New York.”

So what does he look for in a future girlfriend?

“I want someone that has goals and all that,” Lochte specified, adding, “If I’m in a relationship, I want to make sure she’s treated like a queen.”

He is rumored to be dating model Kayla Rae Reid, who has been featured on his Instagram recently.

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