By Khadrice Rollins and Dave Quinn
July 15, 2017 01:57 PM

A Brazilian appeals court ruled Thursday that Ryan Lochte had not broken the law by exaggerating about what happened during the gas station incident from the 2016 Olympics.

According to USA Today Sports, Locthe was cleared of all charges — the court deciding that the 32-year-old swimmer had not broken the law because Rio police instigated the investigation, not Lochte. They add that the decision has not been published yet and prosecutors will have 15 days to appeal the ruling.

Lochte, a six-time Olympic gold medalist, was charged with falsely communicating a crime because of an interview he did with NBC News in which he said he and three other members of the United States swim team — Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen — were robbed at gun point at a Shell gas station while returning to the Olympic Village.

He later admitted that he still wasn’t sure what really happened the night of the incident. The Rio police held a news conference a few days later and said the swimmers had vandalized the restroom in the service station.

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“After Rio, I was probably the most hated person in the world,” Lochte told ESPN The Magazine in June. “There were a couple of points where I was crying, thinking, ‘If I go to bed and never wake up, fine.’ ”

When prompted if that meant that he considered suicide, Lochte nodded. “I was about to hang up my life entirely,” he said.

He also opened up the stress of the Games. “You can be at the all-time high and then the next second the all-time low,” Locthe explained. “I love being at the Olympics, but I’m the opposite of what you’d expect. It’s been that way my whole life.”

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Lochte tried his hand at another competition after the controversy, coming in seventh place on Dancing with the Stars.

Since then he’s been focused on his personal life, getting engaged to Playboy model Kayla Rae Reid in October. The couple welcomed son Caiden Zane – their first child – on June 8.

“I love spending my mornings staring at him,” Lochte wrote on Instagram on June 26. “He brings me so much happiness, my pride and joy.”

Fatherhood has also motivated Lochte’s competitive spirit, who is expected to participate in the 2020 Olympics. “Look, I was done with swimming back in 2013. I was drained, wiped out,” he told ESPN. “Now I’ve found a new purpose with my son. This fire has been ignited, and it’s bigger than ever, and I’m just so excited because I know what’s going to happen in Tokyo.”

“Everyone is going to have to watch out!” he added.

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