The Seahawks quarterback said that he dedicates so much time and money to his fitness because he's "trying to play until I'm 45, at least"
Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson
| Credit: Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is serious about investing in his health.

The 31- year-old Seahawks quarterback appeared on Bill Simmons' podcast earlier this month and said he plans on playing football well into his forties — and revealed the price that comes with staying in shape at the pro level.

"I have a whole performance team," Wilson told Simmons, sharing that he has a full-time trainer who travels with him, as well as a full-time physical therapist and "mobile person" who makes sure that he's "moving the right way and everything else."

The athlete also employs a full-time massage therapist and two chefs, he said.

When Simmons joked that the Seahawks star has gone "full LeBron" in his dedication to staying physically fit, Wilson said that he's "been doing it for five years or so."

"I got everything," he said. "I got two hyperbaric chambers, I got a little bit of everything."

Wilson added that taking care of his body is a year-round endeavor.

"I'm between 363 and 365, amount of work that we do every day, something around the body working," he said of his training schedule. "Because I'm trying to play until I'm 45, at least."

"So, for me and my mentality, is that I'm going to leave it all on the field and do everything I can to take care of myself and that's such a critical thing because if I feel good I'm going to play good... and that's why I've been able to be out on the field every time," said Wilson, a strong believer in the power of positivity.

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"I probably spend a million if not more a year just on recovery," Wilson revealed.

"It's not just the recovery part of it — that's huge, right, and getting that — but you know for me, the biggest thing, you know you mentioned the body, and all that stuff. The biggest thing for me is the mental game. You know, the mental game is so important."

That's where positive thinking comes in for Wilson — who is hopeful about the Seahawks chances at a championship this year.

"I think we got a chance this year, we just got to stay the course," Wilson said of his team, which is currently leading the NFC West at 6-1.

Wilson acknowledged the oddity of playing amid the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, telling Simmons, "you know this whole Covid thing changes a lot of things in terms of, you know, your worries. And you have to really take care of yourself."

"Every game's a championship moment," he said, pointing out that the season could be shortened at any time because of the pandemic. "We've always said that, but it really is this year."

The Seahawks are scheduled to face off against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.