February 15, 2017 07:24 PM

Video of a freak accident that kept an Irish runner for claiming victory at the Irish University Indoor Championship on Friday is going viral – but not because of the rogue pole vault band that took him down.

As Aengus Meldon rounded the track toward victory in the clip – captured at the Athlone, Ireland, event, according to The Telegraph – the elastic band came flying at him.

It wrapped around his feet, slowing him down just enough to allow other competitors to cross the finish line first in the men’s 800 meters race.

As Meldon fumbled, a commentator excitedly remarked, “I have never seen that in athletics!”

He added, “He was tied up like Spider-Man threw something at him! Spider-Man attacked him!”

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Meldon, who is a student at the National University of Ireland Galway, was however still allowed to advance to the final, as he was leading his heat before Spider-Man intervened.

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