Ronda Rousey Reveals the Great Detail That Went into Painting Her Body for 'Sports Illustrated' Cover

Ronda Rousey says the "hand-painted masterpiece ... took 14 hours to put on"

Photo: Frederic Pinet/Sports Illustrated

Former UFC championRonda Rousey stripped down and posed in a body-paint bathing suit for Sports Illustrated‘s upcoming swimsuit issue, in a cover shoot that inspires awe, envy and some practical questions, too – like, how does one pee in full body paint?

“You can actually [sit on a toilet] because [the paint] dries really fast,” Rousey told Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday. “They do lots of layers. But you know, you have to like, dab and not wipe. You don’t want to undo – I don’t want to take off a tiger whisker.”

Sports Illustrated chose to feature three different cover stars for its 2016 swimsuit issue, including Rousey and models Ashley Graham and Hailey Clauson.

“I was one of the lucky few chosen to be a canvas for a hand-painted masterpiece that took 14 hours to put on,” Rousey revealed in a recent Instagram post.

The hand-painted masterpiece required a level of attention to detail that left Rousey feeling a little exposed.

“The only time I think I was really self-conscious was, like, you know, they gotta paint all of you,” she told DeGeneres. “And there was one point where they’re like, ‘Okay, bend over.’ ”

“There’s no not awkward way to do this It was really weird. It was kind of odd – a lot,” she continued. “But [the artist and I] were really like best friends by the time we got out of there. It’s a real good icebreaker.”

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