“He’s just like, ‘Oh, how am I gonna throw next week?' ” Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady's longtime teammate, recalled
Robin Marchant/Getty

It's no secret that six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady takes his health pretty seriously. In fact, the 43-year-old Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback follows his diet regimen so rigorously that alcoholic drinks are only reserved for the rarest of occasions, if at all.

Brady's longtime teammate Rob Gronkowski recently shared a hilarious story with ESPN about the athlete taking back a shot of whiskey — not after a Super Bowl win or a big game, but at the Kentucky Derby.

"I would just say going to a Kentucky Derby and seeing him take a shot," Gronkowski, a tight end with the Buccaneers, recalled when asked about his favorite memory of Brady off of the field. "Just seeing his face after in disgust like, 'I'm putting this alcohol in my body?' "

"[Brady] takes a shot and he's just like, 'Oh, how am I gonna throw next week?' " he continued, adding that Brady's cup likely had Fireball in it, a cinnamon-flavored brand of Canadian whiskey.

The story comes after Brady — who also played with Gronkowski on the New England Patriots — shared an anecdote about Gronkowski getting ready for a GQ photoshoot. Gronkowski, 31, was feeling out of shape and asked Brady to join in a workout session with him.

The quick fitness routine did the trick, as Gronkowski's mood had changed after.

"Dude, that was great, that was perfect," Brady told reporters while giving his best impression of Gronkowski. "That was just what I needed. I feel ripped now!"

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The duo, in their first season together in Tampa Bay, is now getting ready for the NFL playoffs after securing an 11-5 record during the regular season. Meanwhile, the Patriots — the team Brady left in the offseason after a 20-year career — have missed the playoffs for the first time in 12 years.

On Saturday, the Buccaneers will face the Washington Football Team in a wild card matchup. Brady and the Buccaneers are considered heavy favorites, as Washington struggled during their season and have a losing 7-9 record.