It's a 3-Way Tie! Michael Phelps and Two Others Win Silver in the 100-Meter Butterfly

The most-decorated swimmer in Olympic history adds another medal to his tally – but he doesn't do it alone


Well, that was a surprise.

Michael Phelps added to his already-staggering number of Olympic medals in the men’s 100m swimming butterfly finals on Friday night – but he didn’t take the gold.

The 31-year old swimmer was heavily favored to win the race, but was bested by Joseph Schooling from Singapore.

Phelps came in second place. So did South Africa’s Chad Le Clos and Hungary’s Lészlé Cseh. (Yes, it was a three-way tie for second!)

After his finish, Phelps initially looked nonplussed, but he smiled and shook hands with his competitors as they got out of the pool.

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Phelps now has 27 medals – 22 gold, 3 silver, and 2 bronze. That’s more than the entire nation of India. He has also shattered the ancient Greek record of Leonidas of Rhodes, who won 13 individual medals 2,168 years ago.

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“You know, obviously I want to be faster and obviously at the top of the medal podium, but that was what I could do today,” Phelps told NBC in his post-race interview.

Regarding the winner, Phelps was congratulatory. “Watching Joe and what he’s done in the last two years – he’s been swimming great. My hat’s off to him!”

So what’s next for Phelps? He says there will be some family time with his son, Boomer. “It’s just good to have him,” he said. “[I’m] looking forward to spending time with him; photos daily and FaceTime every night. I’m looking forward to holding him.”

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