Can Matt Centrowitz Jr. run in his father's footsteps to Olympic gold?

By Rebecca Sloane
July 14, 2016 04:05 PM

Can Matt Centrowitz Jr. run in his father’s footsteps to Olympic gold?

Two-time Olympic distance runner and four-time United States National Champion Matt Centrowitz has resurfaced on the Olympic front, but this time, the track and field veteran is paving the way for his son.

It’s clear both Centrowitz men share an intense bond over the sport they love. And Matt Centrowitz is right by his son’s side as he coaches him to Olympic glory.

“When he gets off track, I’m going to let him know he’s off track,” the devoted dad told NBC.

Centrowitz Jr. admits that balancing their father-son relationship with their coach-athelete relationship can be difficult, but the talented athlete credits his success in part to his father’s coaching method. Case in point: One memorable meet when the runner missed his goal time by just three seconds.

“He was tough about that and in the next meet, we had a plan of running 4:04 and I ran 4:00,” Centrowitz Jr. said, adding, “It was the right kick in the a– that I needed.”

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The athlete even got a tattoo on his chest with the phrase, “Like father like son,” to express his appreciation of the legacy his dad has created.

But his dad wasn t exactly the biggest fan of his tattoo!

“A Hallmark card would’ve been just fine. Instead, he had to go get a tattoo to express our relationship, so I had mixed feelings,” he said, laughing.